Traducción de "ration" - Diccionario Inglés-Español


noun uk /ˈræʃ·ən/ us /ˈræʃ·ən/

the amount of something that you are allowed to have when there is little of it

a food/petrol ration
verb uk /ˈræʃən/ us /ˈræʃ·ən/

to give people only a small amount of something because there is little of it

They might have to start rationing water.

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noun /ˈrӕʃən/

a measured amount of food etc allowed during a particular period of time

The soldiers were each given a ration of food for the day.
rations noun plural

the amount of food allowed to a soldier etc

People had to survive on rations during the war.
ration out phrasal verb

to give or allow a ration of (food etc ), eg to a number of people.


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