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Traducción en español de “respond”


verb /rəˈspond/
(with to) to answer with words, a reaction , gesture etc
responder ; reaccionar
He didn’t respond to my question I smiled at her, but she didn’t respond.
to show a good reaction eg to some course of treatment
His illness did not respond to treatment by drugs .
(of vehicles etc) to be guided easily by controls
The pilot said the plane did not respond to the controls .
response /-s/ noun a reply or reaction
respuesta ; reacción
Our letters have never met with any response My suggestions met with little response.
(usually in plural ) in church services , a part spoken by the congregation rather than the priest .
responsibility /-sə-/ noun (plural responsibilities) something which a person has to look after, do etc
He takes his responsibilities very seriously .
the state of having important duties
a position of responsibility.
the state of being responsible
his responsibility for the accident .
responsible /-səbl/ adjective having a duty to see that something is done etc
We’ll make one person responsible for buying the food for the trip .
(of a job etc ) having many duties eg the making of important decisions
de responsabilidad
The job of manager is a very responsible post .
(with for) being the cause of something
responsable de
Who is responsible for the stain on the carpet ?
(of a person ) able to be trusted ; sensible
responsable , digno de confianza
We need a responsible person for this job .
(with for) able to control , and fully aware of (one’s actions )
responsable (de)
The lawyer said that at the time of the murder , his client was not responsible for his actions .
responsibly /-sə-/ adverb in a trustworthy or serious way
responsablemente, con seriedad
Do try to behave responsibly.
responsive /-siv/ adjective ( opposite unresponsive )
que reacciona; interesado; sensible
a responsive, kindly girl a responsive smile The disease is responsive to treatment .
responsively adverb
reaccionando con interés / entusiasmo
responsiveness noun
interés ; sensibilidad
response partners noun plural (in teaching methodology ) an arrangement in which a pair of learners provides critical responses to each other’s work in order help each other’s learning .
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