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verb uk /slɒp/ us /slɑːp/ -pp-

to cause a liquid to flow over the edge of a container through not taking care or making a rough movement

derramar(se), volcar(se)
Careful, you’ve just slopped coffee all over the carpet!
Water slopped out of the bucket as he carried it up the stairs.

Phrasal verb(s)

noun uk /slɒp/ us /slɑːp/

[ no plural ] informal disapproving food that is more liquid than it should be and is therefore unpleasant

bazofia, porquería
Have you tried the slop that they call stew in the canteen?
slops also slop

liquid or wet food waste, especially when it is fed to animals

líquido de desecho
We feed the slops to the pigs.
There’s a tray under each tap to catch the beer slops.

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verb /slop/ (past tense, past participle slopped)

to (cause liquid to) splash, spill, or move around violently in a container

derramar(se), verter(se)
The water was slopping about in the bucket.
sloppy adjective (comparative sloppier, superlative sloppiest)

semi-liquid; tending to slop

sloppy food.

careless and untidy; messy

dejado, descuidado, desaliñado, desordenado
His work is sloppy.

very sentimental

That film is rather sloppy.
sloppily adverb

He sloppily misplaced a pass and gave the ball away to the opposition.
sloppiness noun

dejadez, desorden

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