Traducción de "sweat" - Diccionario Inglés-Español


verb uk /swet/ us /swet/

to make liquid through your skin because you are hot

I’d been running and I was sweating.
noun [ no plural ] /swet/ us /swet/

the liquid that is on your skin when you are hot

The sweat was running down his face.

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noun /swet/

the moisture given out through the skin

He was dripping with sweat after running so far in the heat.
sweater noun

any kind of knitted pullover or jersey.

suéter, jersey
sweaty adjective (comparative sweatier, superlative sweatiest)

wet or stained with, or smelling of, sweat

sudoroso, sudado
sweaty clothes/bodies.
sweatiness noun

sweat gland noun

(anatomy) any of the small organs that produce sweat and are found in the skin of humans over most of the body

Glandula Sudoripera
The sweat glands are controlled by nerve impulses and hormones.
sweatshirt noun

a piece of clothing for the upper body that has long sleeves and is worn for sports or as leisurewear

She was wearing a thick cotton sweatshirt.
a cold sweat noun

(coldness and dampness of the skin when a person is in) a state of shock, fear etc

sudor frío
She broke out in a cold sweat.

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