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verb uk /swɪm/ us /swɪm/ /swɪm/ us /swɪm/ present participle swimming, past tense swam, past participle swum

A1 to move through water by moving your body

I learned to swim when I was about five years old.
swimming noun [ no plural ] uk /swɪm·ɪŋ/ us /swɪm·ɪŋ/


I usually go swimming about twice a week.
noun [ no plural ] /swɪm/ us /swɪm/

A2 a time when you swim

I went for a swim before breakfast.

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verb /swim/ (present participle swimming, past tense swam /swӕm/, past participle swum /swam/)

to move through water using arms and legs or fins, tails etc

The children aren’t allowed to go sailing until they’ve learnt to swim
I’m going / I’ve been swimming
She swam to the shore
They watched the fish swimming about in the aquarium.

to cross (a river etc ), compete in (a race), cover (a distance etc) by swimming

He swam three lengths of the swimming-pool
She can’t swim a stroke (= at all).

to seem to be moving round and round, as a result of dizziness etc

dar vueltas
His head was swimming
Everything began to swim before his eyes.
swimmer noun

a person who swims or who can swim

nadador, bañista
He’s a strong swimmer.
swimming adjective

covered with, or floating in, a liquid

nadando, flotando
meat swimming in/with grease.
swimming bath noun ( swimming pool)

an indoor or outdoor pool for swimming in.

swimming trunks noun plural

short pants worn by boys and men for swimming

bañador (de hombre), pantalón de baño
swimsuit noun ( swimming-costume)

a (woman’s) garment worn for swimming.

traje de baño, bañador

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