Traducción de "tame" - Diccionario Inglés-Español


adjective uk /teɪm/ us /teɪm/

If an animal is tame, it is not wild and not frightened of people.

domesticado, domado
verb uk /teɪm/ us /teɪm/ present participle taming, past tense and past participle tamed

to make a wild animal tame

domesticar, domar

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adjective /teim/

(of animals) used to living with people; not wild or dangerous

domesticado; doméstico
He kept a tame chimpanzee as a pet.

dull; not exciting

monótono; rutinario
My job is very tame.
tamely adverb

dócilmente, mansamente
He tamely obeyed his mother.
tameness noun

mansedumbre; insipidez
tameable adjective

( opposite untameable) able to be tamed

domable, domesticable
Some animals are more tameable than others.

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