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noun uk /træk/ us /træk/

B1 a narrow path or road

We followed a dirt track off the main road.

B1 a path, often circular, used for races

a race track

a mark or line of marks left on the ground or on another surface by an animal, person, or vehicle that has moved over it

The hunters followed the tracks of the deer.

one song or piece of music on a CD, record, etc.

lose track

to not know what is happening to someone or something any more

perder la pista
I’ve lost track of how much we’ve spent.

the long metal lines that a train travels along

verb uk /træk/ us /træk/

to follow a person or animal

seguir la pista de
Scientists are tracking the wildlife in the valley.

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noun /trӕk/

a mark left, especially a footprint etc

rastro, huella, pista
They followed the lion’s tracks.

a path or rough road

camino, senda, sendero
a mountain track.

( also racetrack) a course on which runners, cyclists etc race

a running track
( also adjective) the 100 metres sprint and other track events.

a railway/railroad line

vía; andén
A train was comng down the track.
tracksuit noun

a warm suit worn by athletes etc when exercising, or before and after performing.

in one’s tracks

where one stands or is

en seco, allí mismo
He stopped dead in his tracks.
keep/lose track of

(not) to keep oneself informed about (the progress or whereabouts of)

mantenerse al tanto, mantenerse al corriente; perder el hilo, no estar al corriente
I’ve lost track of what is happening.
make tracks (for)

to depart, or set off (towards)

ir tirando; largarse
We ought to be making tracks (for home).
track down phrasal verb

to pursue or search for (someone or something) until it is caught or found

localizar, dar con, encontrar, averiguar el paradero
I managed to track down an old copy of the book.
tracker dog noun

a dog that is trained to find people, drugs, explosives etc.

perro rastreador

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