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noun uk /ˈvæl·juː/ us /ˈvæl·ju/

B1 the amount of money something could be sold for

Cars go down in value quickly.

B1 [ no plural ] how useful or important something is

be good value

B1 If something is good value, it is of good quality or you think the amount of money you spent on it was right.

estar muy bien de precio
The meal was very good value.
values [ plural ]

the beliefs that people have about what is right and wrong and what is most important in life

traditional values
verb uk /ˈvæl·juː/ us /ˈvæl·ju/ present participle valuing, past tense and past participle valued

If you value something or someone, that thing or person is very important to you.

I always value his opinion.

to judge how much money something could be sold for

The ring was valued at $1,000.

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noun /ˈvӕljuː/

worth, importance or usefulness

valor, importancia
His specialist knowledge was of great value during the project
She places little value on material wealth.


What is the value of that stamp?

purchasing power

Are those old coins of any value?

fairness of exchange (for one’s money etc)

precio, valor
You get good value for money at that supermarket.

the length of a musical note.

valuable adjective

having high value

a valuable antique clock.
valuables noun plural

things of special value

objetos valiosos
She keeps her jewellery and other valuables in a locked drawer.
valued adjective

regarded as valuable or precious

valioso, precioso
What is your most valued possession?
valueless adjective

having no value; worthless

sin valor
The necklace is completely valueless.
values noun plural

standards or principles

People have very different moral values.
value-added tax noun

(abbreviation VAT) a tax that is imposed on goods and services.

impuesto sobre el valor añadido

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