Traducción de "worth" - Diccionario Inglés-Español


adjective uk /wɜːθ/ us /wɜrθ/
be worth something

B1 to have a particular value, especially in money

valer algo
Our house is worth about £300,000.
be worth it

B1 to be useful or enjoyable despite needing a lot of effort

valer la pena
It was a long climb up the mountain, but the view was worth it.
be worth doing, seeing, trying, etc.

B1 to be useful or enjoyable to do, see, try, etc.

valer la pena hacerlo, verlo, intentarlo, etc.
It’s not as good as his last book, but it’s definitely worth reading.
be worth your/its weight in gold

to be very useful or helpful

valer tu/su peso en oro
This recipe book is worth its weight in gold – it tells you everything you need to know about baking.
noun uk /wɜːθ/ us /wɜrθ/
£20, $100, etc. worth

the amount of something that you can buy for £20, $100, etc.

por valor de 20 libras, 100 dólares, etc.
I’ve put £2 worth of stamps on the letter.
$20, $100, etc. worth

the amount of something that you can buy for $20, $100, etc.

por valor de 20, 100 dólares, etc.
I’d like $20 worth of gas, please.
a month’s, year’s, etc. worth

the amount of something that can be done or used in a month, year, etc.

para/de un mes, un año, etc.
The prize was a year’s worth of free groceries.

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noun /wəːθ/


These books are of little or no worth
She sold fifty dollars’ worth of tickets.
worthless adjective

of no value

sin valor, inútil, despreciable
worthless old coins.
worthlessly adverb

You’re worthlessly wasting your time on that boy!
worthlessness noun

worthy /-ði/ adjective (comparative worthier, superlative worthiest)

good and deserving

I willingly give money to a worthy cause.

(with of) deserving

merecedor/digno de
She was not worthy of the honour/honor given to her.

(with of) typical of, suited to, or in keeping with

digno de
a performance worthy of a champion.

of great enough importance etc

digno, merecedor
She was not thought worthy to be presented to the king.
worthily adverb

worthiness noun

-worthy suffix

deserving; fit for

digno de …
a blameworthy act.

fit for its appropriate use

apto para…
worthwhile adjective

deserving attention, time and effort etc

que vale/merece la pena
a worthwhile cause
It isn’t worthwhile to ask him – he’ll only refuse.
for all one is worth

using all one’s efforts, strength etc

con toda el alma, con todas las fuerzas
He swam for all he was worth towards the shore.

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