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determiner uk strong /jɔːr/ us strong /jʊr, jɔr/ weak /jər/ weak /r/ us strong /jʊr, jɔr/ weak /jər/

A1 belonging or relating to the person or people you are talking to

tu, su, vuestro
Can I borrow your pen?
It’s not your fault.

B1 belonging or relating to people in general

de uno
You never stop loving your children.

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adjective /joː, (American) juər/

belonging to you

tu, tus; vuestro, vuestra, vuestros, vuestras; su, sus
your house/car.
yours /joːz, (American) juərz/ pronoun

something belonging to you

(el) tuyo, (la) tuya, (los) tuyos, (las) tuyas; (el) suyo, (la) suya, (los) suyos, (las) suyas (formal); (el) vuestro, (la) vuestra, (los) vuestros, (las) vuestras
This book is yours
Yours is on that shelf.
yourself /-ˈselvz/ pronoun (plural yourselves)

used as the object of a verb or preposition when the person(s) spoken or written to is/are the object(s) of an action he/they perform(s)

te, se
Why are you looking at yourselves in the mirror?
You can dry yourself with this towel.

used to emphasize you

tú mismo, usted mismo; tú misma, usted misma
You yourself can’t do it, but you could ask someone else to do it.

without help etc

tú mismo; tú misma
You can jolly well do it yourself!
yours (faithfully/sincerely/truly)

expressions written before one’s signature at the end of a letter.

le saluda…

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