Significado de "concerned" - Learner’s Dictionary


adjective us uk /kənˈsɜːnd/
Extra Examples
It's the children I'm concerned about, not me.I think we have reason to be concerned.She didn't seem unduly concerned.He is concerned about the welfare of young men in prison.I'm concerned that she's not making much progress.

B2 worried:

[ + that ] I am very concerned that class sizes seem to be growing.
People are becoming more concerned about what they eat.
→ Opposite unconcerned
AFFECTED [ never before noun ]

involved in something or affected by it:

A letter will be sent out to everyone concerned.
as far as sb is concerned

B2 used to show what someone thinks about something:

As far as our customers are concerned, price is the main consideration.
as far as sth is concerned

B2 used to tell someone what you are talking about:

As far as college is concerned, everything is fine.

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