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noun us uk /ɪˈfekt/

B1 [ C, U ] a change, reaction, or result that is caused by something:

The accident had a huge effect on her life.
We don't know the long-term effects of this drug.

Más ejemplos

in effect

used to say what the real situation is:

This means, in effect, that the plan has been scrapped.
come/go into effect

to start being used:

New food safety rules come into effect on Monday.
take effect

B2 to start to produce results or changes:

The anaesthetic takes effect in about ten minutes.
to that effect

used to say that you are giving the general meaning of something but not the exact words:

He said he was bored with school or something to that effect.
a sound/special/visual, etc effect

B1 a sound, image, etc that is created artificially

→ See also side effect

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