Significado de "fill" - Learner’s Dictionary


verb us uk /fɪl/
Extra Examples
a bucket filled with waterHe filled my glass to the brim.She could hear the sound of the kettle being filled.A bookcase would just fill that gap.She was filling the jug with water.
MAKE FULL [ I, T ] also fill up

A2 to make a container or space full, or to become full:

He filled the bucket with water.
I made a drink while the bath was filling.
Her eyes filled up with tears when she heard the news.

B1 If people or things fill a place, there are a lot of them in it:

The streets were filled with tourists.
Dark clouds filled the sky.

B1 If light, sound, or a smell fills a place, you can easily notice it:

The smell of smoke filled the room.
fill sb with anger/joy/pride, etc

B2 to make someone feel very angry/happy/proud, etc:

The thought of losing him filled her with fear.
fill a post/position/vacancy

B2 to give someone a new job:

They still haven't filled the vacancy.
fill a need/gap/demand

to provide something that people need or want

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