Significado de "fire" - Learner’s Dictionary


noun us uk /faɪər/
Extra Examples
The smell from the fire still lingered hours later.The cathedral was rebuilt after being destroyed by fire.We keep a bucket of water backstage, in case of fire.The building was badly affected by fire.Fire is one of the main dangers of smoking in the home.

A2 heat, light, and flames that are produced when something burns

catch fire

B1 to start burning:

The car crashed and caught fire.
on fire

B1 burning:

That house is on fire.
set fire to sth; set sth on fire

to make something start burning, usually to cause damage:

Enemy troops set fire to the village.

an event when something burns in a way that causes damage and cannot be controlled:

Three people were killed in the fire.
It took the firefighters two hours to put the fire out (= stop it burning).

B1 a pile of wood, coal, etc that is burning to produce heat:

We sat by the fire.
They put up the tents and lit a fire.
an electric/gas fire UK

a piece of equipment that uses electricity/gas to heat a room


the shooting of guns and other weapons:

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