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verb us uk /ˈfɒləʊ/
GO [ I, T ]

A2 to move behind someone or something and go where they go, sometimes secretly:

She followed me into the kitchen.
He employed a private detective to follow his wife.

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B1 to happen or come after something:

The weeks that followed were the happiest days of my life.
There was a bang, followed by a cloud of smoke.
follow a path/road, etc

B1 to travel along a path/road, etc:

Follow the main road down to the traffic lights.
follow instructions/orders/rules, etc

B1 to do what the instructions/orders/rules, etc say you should do:

I followed your advice and stayed at home.
follow sb's example/lead

to copy someone's behaviour or ideas:

You should follow Meg's example and tidy your room.

B1 to understand something:

Could you say that again? I didn't quite follow.

to be interested in an event or activity:

I followed the trial closely.
as follows

B2 used to introduce a list or description

it follows that

used to say that if one thing is true, another thing will also be true:

He's big, but it doesn't follow that he's strong.
→ See also follow in sb's footsteps , follow suit

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