Significado de "grow" - Learner’s Dictionary


verb us uk /ɡrəʊ/ past tense grew, past participle grown

A2 to develop and become bigger or taller as time passes:

Children grow very quickly.

Más ejemplos

PLANT [ I, T ]

A2 If a plant grows, or you grow it, it develops from a seed to a full plant:

These shrubs grow well in sandy soil.

B1 to increase:

The number of people living alone grows each year.
grow tired/old/calm, etc

B2 to gradually become tired/old/calm, etc:

He grew bored of the countryside.
The music grew louder and louder.
HAIR [ I, T ]

B1 If your hair or nails grow, or if you grow them, they get longer:

Mandy wants to grow her hair long.

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