Significado de "hold" - Learner’s Dictionary


noun us uk /həʊld/

B2 the action of holding something or someone, or the way you do this:

Keep a tight hold on your tickets.
catch/grab/take, etc hold of sth/sb

B2 to start holding something or someone:

He tried to escape, but I grabbed hold of his jacket.
get hold of sth/sb

B2 to obtain something, or to manage to speak to someone:

I got hold of a copy at the local library.
I rang three times, but couldn't get hold of her.
on hold

If a plan or activity is on hold, it will not be done until a later time:

The project is on hold until we get more money.

waiting to speak to someone on the telephone:

His secretary put me on hold.
keep hold of sth

to keep something:

Keep hold of this. You might need it later.
hold on/over sth/sb

power or control over something or someone:

Their company has a strong hold on the computer market.

an area on a ship or aircraft for storing things:

a cargo hold
→ See also get (hold of) the wrong end of the stick

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