Significado de "hot" - Learner’s Dictionary


adjective us uk /hɒt/ hotter, hottest
Extra Examples
a hot and humid climateI've never known the weather be so hot.They provided hot showers and clean clothes.Mind the iron - it's still very hot!He was hot and sweaty from working in the garden.

A1 having a high temperature:

a hot summer's day
a hot drink/meal
I'm too hot in this jacket.

B1 Hot food contains strong spices that cause a burning feeling in your mouth:

Be careful. The chilli sauce is very hot.
EXCITING informal

exciting or interesting:

Hollywood's hottest new actress
a hot issue/topic

a subject that people discuss and have strong feelings about:

The legalization of drugs is a hot topic.
→ See also piping hot , red-hot

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