Significado de "public" - Learner’s Dictionary


adjective us uk /ˈpʌblɪk/
Extra Examples
The government are refusing to bow to public pressure.The public mood changed dramatically after the bombing.Eventually, the government will have to take notice of public opinion.The public perception of him as a hero is surprising.This issue is rousing a lot of public interest.
public awareness/health/support, etc

B2 the awareness/health/support, etc of all ordinary people:

Public opinion has turned against him.
Is it really in the public interest (= useful for people) to publish this information?
public parks/toilets/transport, etc

B2 parks/toilets/transport, etc that are for everyone to use and are not private:

Smoking is banned in public places.
a public announcement/appearance/statement, etc

B2 an announcement/appearance/statement, etc that can be seen or heard or known by everyone:

The Prime Minister is due to make a public statement later today.
make sth public

to allow everyone to know about something:

The government does not plan to make its findings public.
public funds/services/spending, etc

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