Significado de "quite" - Learner’s Dictionary


adverb us uk /kwaɪt/
Extra Examples
Their house is quite modest in size.I can carry both bags - they're quite light.Although our job titles are different, our responsibilities overlap quite a lot.I recognize her face, but I can't quite place her.Things at work seem to be shaping up quite nicely.

A2 a little or a lot but not completely:

I'm quite tired, but I'm happy to walk a little further.
He's quite attractive but not what I'd call gorgeous.


My sister and I are quite different.

B1 completely:

The two situations are quite different.
Are you quite sure you want to go?
not quite

B2 almost but not completely:

I'm not quite sure that I understand this.
He didn't get quite enough votes to win.
quite a bit/a few/a lot, etc

A2 a large amount or number:

There are quite a few letters for you here.
He's changed quite a bit.

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