Significado de "roll" - Learner’s Dictionary


noun [ C ] us uk /rəʊl/
Extra Examples
I need to buy another roll of film.Can you pass me that roll of sticky tape?This roll of tinfoil is almost to run out.He pulled a roll of banknotes out of his pocket.We need another roll of wrapping paper.

B2 something that has been turned around itself into a round shape like a tube:

a roll of film
a roll of toilet paper

B1 a small loaf of bread for one person:

Would you like a roll and butter with your soup?

a list of names:

the electoral roll

a long, deep sound:

a roll of thunder
a drum roll
be on a roll informal

to be having a successful period:

We were on a roll, winning our fourth game in a row.
→ See also rock 'n' roll , toilet roll

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