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verb us uk /sɜːv/
Extra Examples
The restaurant serves good, though extremely expensive, food.For those with a less sophisticated palate, the restaurant also serves burgers and fries.If you're lucky, they might still be serving lunch.Chill the wine before serving.Skim off any excess fat before serving.

A2 to give someone food or drink, especially guests or customers in a restaurant or bar:

We're not allowed to serve alcohol to anyone under 18.
SHOP [ I, T ]

B1 to help customers and sell things to them in a shop:

Are you being served?
WORK [ I, T ]

to do work that helps society, for example in an organization such as the army or the government:

to serve in the army
to serve on a committee/jury
He served as mayor for 5 years.

to be useful as something:

It's a very entertaining film but it also serves an educational purpose.
The spare bedroom also serves as a study.
[ + to do sth ] He hopes his son's death will serve to warn others about the dangers of owning a gun.

to be in prison for a period of time:

Williams, 42, is serving a four-year jail sentence.

in a sport such as tennis, the action of throwing the ball up into the air and then hitting it towards the other player

serves one/two/four, etc

If an amount of food serves a particular number, it is enough for that number of people.

→ See also It serves her/him/you right!

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