Significado de "spare" - Learner’s Dictionary


verb us uk /speər/
GIVE [ T ]

to give time or money to someone:

I have to go soon, but I can spare a few minutes.
[ + two objects ] Can you spare me some change?
PREVENT [ + two objects ]

to prevent someone from having to experience something unpleasant:

[ often passive ] I was spared the embarrassment of having to sing in front of everybody.
to spare

If you have time, money, etc to spare, you have more than you need:

I arrived at the station with more than an hour to spare.
spare no effort/expense, etc

to use a lot of effort/expense, etc to do something:

[ + to do sth ] We will spare no effort to find out who did this.
spare sb's life

to not kill someone

→ See also spare a thought for sb

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