Significado de "treat" - Learner’s Dictionary


verb [ T ] us uk /triːt/
Extra Examples
There are rules that govern how teachers treat children.We try to treat our students as individuals.He shouldn't treat you like that. Don't let him get away with it.He treats his mother like a slave.He treated her with grudging respect.

B2 to behave towards or deal with someone in a particular way:

He treats her really badly.
She felt she'd been unfairly treated by her employer.
They treat her like one of their own children.

B2 to consider something in a particular way:

He treated my suggestion as a joke.

B2 to give medical care to someone for an illness or injury:

He's being treated for cancer at a hospital in California.

B2 to do or buy something special for someone:

I'm going to treat her to dinner at that nice Italian restaurant.

to put a substance on something in order to protect it:

The wood is then treated with a special chemical to protect it from the rain.

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