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nounaddress /əˈdrɛs, ˈædrɛs/
countable the number and place where you live
adresse feminine

name, address, and telephone number
nom, adresse et numéro de téléphone
web/email address
a set of letters and numbers used to contact a website or sb's email
adresse électronique
countable a formal speech to an audience
discours masculine

the presidential address
le discours présidentiel


verb transitiveaddress /əˈdrɛs/
to put a name and place on an envelope

The letter is addressed to me.
La lettre m'est adressée.
to deal with a difficult situation
s'attaquer à

ways to address the problem of unemployment
des moyens de s'attaquer au problème du chômage
formal to speak to
s'adresser à

The speaker addressed the audience.
L'orateur s'adressa au public.

address as

verb phrasal address as [ əˈdrɛs ˌæz ]
to call sb by a particular name

He addressed him as "Sir."
Il l'appelait "Monsieur".

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verb /əˈdres/

to put a name and address on (an envelope etc)

mettre l’adresse sur
Address the parcel clearly.

to speak or write to

adresser à
He addressed his remarks to the younger members of the audience.
addressee /ӕd-/ noun

the person to whom a letter etc is addressed.



a speech

He made a long and boring address.

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