Traducción de "connect" - Diccionario Inglés-Francés


verb /kəˈnekt/

to join or be joined in some way; to tie or fasten or link together

He connected the radio to the mains
This road connects the two farms
a connecting link
This telephone line connects with the President.

to associate in the mind

associer (à)
People tend to connect money with happiness.
connection /-ʃən/ noun

something that connects or is connected

a faulty electrical connection.

(a) state of being connected or related

My connection with their family is very slight
I wish to talk to you in connection with my daughter’s career.

a useful person whom one can contact, especially in business

his connections in the clothing trade.

a train, bus etc to which one changes from another in the course of a journey

As the local train was late, I missed the connection to London.

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