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verbstretch /strɛtʃ/
transitive-intransitive to make longer, wider, etc. by pulling
(s')étirer , (se) tendre

Stretch the material over the wooden frame.
Tendez l'étoffe au-dessus du cadre en bois.

Bend over and feel the muscles in your back stretch.
Penchez-vous et sentez les muscles de votre dos s'étirer.
transitive-intransitive to reach your arms or legs out
tendre , étendre , (s')étirer

She sat up in bed and stretched.
Elle s'assit dans son lit et s'étira.

He stretched his hand out to touch her.
Il étendit la main pour la toucher.
intransitive to continue or seem to continue for a long distance or time

The desert stretched as far as we could see.
Le désert s'étendait à perte de vue.

The day stretched out ahead of us.
La journée s'étendait devant nous.
transitive-intransitive to use almost all of a supply, or be used almost completely

The medical bills have stretched the family's finances to the limit.
Les factures de santé ont épuisé les finances familiales.

The food supply has been stretched thin.
Les réserves de nourritures ont été réduites à peu de choses.
stretch your legs
to go for a short walk
se dégourdir les jambes

He just went out to stretch his legs.
Il est vient de sortir se dégourdir les jambes.

stretch out

verb phrasalstretch out [ ˈstrɛtʃ ˈaʊt ]
to lie down, usually for a short sleep

I'll just stretch out on the couch.
Je vais juste m'étendre sur le canapé.


nounstretch /strɛtʃ/
countable a long area of land or water
étendue feminine

an empty stretch of beach
une partie de plage dégagée
countable the act of stretching your muscles
étirement masculine

a good stretch for your upper back
un bon étirement pour la partie supérieure de votre dos
countable a period of time
période feminine

a ten-year stretch working in Italy
une période de dix ans de travail en Italie
uncountable the ability of material to stretch
élastique feminine , stretch masculine

There's some stretch in it to make it comfortable.
Il y a du stretch dedans pour le rendre confortable.

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verb /stretʃ/

to make or become longer or wider especially by pulling or by being pulled

She stretched the piece of elastic to its fullest extent
His scarf was so long that it could stretch right across the room
This material stretches
The dog yawned and stretched (itself)
He stretched (his arm/hand) up as far as he could, but still could not reach the shelf
Ask someone to pass you the jam instead of stretching across the table for it.

(of land etc) to extend

The plain stretched ahead of them for miles.
stretcher noun

a light folding bed with handles for carrying the sick or wounded

brancard, civière
The injured man was carried to the ambulance on a stretcher.
stretchy adjective

(of materials etc) able to stretch

a stretchy bathing-costume.
at a stretch


He can’t work for more than three hours at a stretch.
be at full stretch

to be using all one’s powers, energy etc to the limit in doing something

donner son plein
The restaurant staff were at full stretch trying to serve the flood of customers.
stretch one’s legs

to go for a walk for the sake of exercise

se dégourdir les jambes
I need to stretch my legs.
stretch out

in moving the body, to straighten or extend

She stretched out a hand for the child to hold
He stretched (himself) out on the bed.



a continuous extent, of eg a type of country, or of time

bout/partie; période
a pretty stretch of country
a stretch of bad road
a stretch of twenty years.

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