Traducción de "road" - Diccionario Inglés-Polaco


noun uk us /rəʊd/

A1 [ C, U ] a long, hard surface built for vehicles to drive on

droga, szosa
Be careful when you cross the road.
The journey takes about three hours by road (= in a car, bus, etc).
Follow the main road (= large road) till you come to a church.
Road ( written abbreviation Rd)

A1 used in the name of a road as part of an address

142 Park Road
along/down/up the road

a distance away on the same road

trochę dalej, niedaleko
There's a supermarket just down the road.
over the road UK ( UK/US across the road)

on the other side of the road

po drugiej stronie (drogi)
Who lives in that big house over the road?
on the road

driving or travelling, usually over a long distance

w drodze, w podróży
We'd been on the road for 48 hours.
→ See also ring road , slip road , trunk road , down the road , go down that road

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