Traducción de "effect" - Diccionario Inglés-Ruso


noun uk /ɪˈfekt/ us

B1 [ C, U ] a change, reaction, or result that is caused by something

результат, следствие
The accident had a huge effect on her life.
We don't know the long-term effects of this drug.
in effect

used to say what the real situation is

по сути дела
This means, in effect, that the plan has been scrapped.
come/go into effect

to start being used

вступать в силу
New food safety rules come into effect on Monday.
take effect

B2 to start to produce results or changes

оказывать воздействие
The anaesthetic takes effect in about ten minutes.
to that effect

used to say that you are giving the general meaning of something but not the exact words

в этом роде
He said he was bored with school or something to that effect.
a sound/special/visual, etc effect

B1 a sound, image, etc that is created artificially

звуковой/специальный/зрительный и т. д. эффект → See also side effect

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