Traducción de "get" - Diccionario Inglés-Ruso


verb uk /ɡet/ us present participle getting, past tense got, past participle got, US gotten

A1 to obtain or buy something

приобретать, покупать
I need to get some bread on the way home.
[ + two objects ] I'll try to get you a ticket.

A2 to go somewhere and bring back someone or something

забирать, доставать и приносить
Wait here while I get the car.

A1 to receive something or be given something

Did you get anything nice for your birthday?
Guy still hasn't got my email yet.

B2 to understand something

He never gets any of my jokes.
get into/off/through, etc

B1 to move somewhere

входить/выходить/проходить и т. д.
Get over here right now!
get sth into/down/out, etc

to move something somewhere

класть что-либо внутрь/снимать сверху/вынимать и т. д.
Could you get that bowl down from the shelf for me?
get here/there/to the bank, etc

A1 to arrive somewhere

приходить сюда/туда/в банк и т. д.
What time do you normally get home from work?
get sb/sth to do sth

B2 to make someone or something do something

убедить кого-либо сделать что-либо, добиваться чего-либо
Sorry, I couldn't get the window to shut properly.
get to do sth

B2 to have an opportunity to do something

удаваться, иметь возможность делать что-либо
I never get to sit in the front seat.
get sick/rich/wet, etc

B1 to become sick/rich/wet, etc

заболеть/разбогатеть/промокнуть и т. д.
We should go. It's getting late.
get caught/killed/married, etc

B1 to have something done to you

быть пойманным/убитым/жениться и т. д.
get sth painted/repaired, etc

B1 to arrange for someone to do something for you, usually for money

покрасить/починить и т. д. что-либо (действие совершается кем-либо по желанию говорящего)
I need to get my hair cut.
get cancer/flu/malaria, etc

B1 to become sick or develop an illness

заболеть раком/гриппом/малярией и т. д.
I feel like I'm getting a cold.
get a bus/train, etc

A1 to travel somewhere on a bus/train, etc

ехать на автобусе/на поезде и т. д.
Maybe we should get a taxi home.
get the phone/door informal

B1 to answer someone calling on the telephone or waiting at the door

отвечать на телефонный звонок/звонок в дверь
Can you get the phone?

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