Traducción de "hold" - Diccionario Inglés-Ruso


noun uk /həʊld/ us

B2 the action of holding something or someone, or the way you do this

удерживание, захват
Keep a tight hold on your tickets.
catch/grab/take, etc hold of sth/sb

B2 to start holding something or someone

хватать, хвататься за что-либо
He tried to escape, but I grabbed hold of his jacket.
get hold of sth/sb

B2 to obtain something, or to manage to speak to someone

доставать, добывать что-либо, заставать кого-либо
I got hold of a copy at the local library.
I rang three times, but couldn't get hold of her.
on hold

If a plan or activity is on hold, it will not be done until a later time.

приостановленный, замороженный
The project is on hold until we get more money.

waiting to speak to someone on the telephone

ожидание (ответа по телефону)
His secretary put me on hold.
keep hold of sth

to keep something

хранить, сохранять
Keep hold of this. You might need it later.
hold on/over sth/sb

power or control over something or someone

влияние, власть
Their company has a strong hold on the computer market.

an area on a ship or aircraft for storing things

трюм, грузовой отсек
a cargo hold
→ See also get (hold of) the wrong end of the stick

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