Traducción de "public" - Diccionario Inglés-Ruso


adjective uk /ˈpʌblɪk/ us
public awareness/health/support, etc

B2 the awareness/health/support, etc of all ordinary people

общественное сознание/здравоохранение/поддержка общественности и т. д.
Public opinion has turned against him.
Is it really in the public interest (= useful for people) to publish this information?
public parks/toilets/transport, etc

B2 parks/toilets/transport, etc that are for everyone to use and are not private

общественные парки/туалеты/общественный транспорт и т. д.
Smoking is banned in public places.
a public announcement/appearance/statement, etc

B2 an announcement/appearance/statement, etc that can be seen or heard or known by everyone

публичное объявление/выступление/заявление и т. д.
The Prime Minister is due to make a public statement later today.
make sth public

to allow everyone to know about something

предавать что-либо гласности
The government does not plan to make its findings public.
public funds/services/spending, etc

B1 funds/services/spending, etc controlled or supplied by the government and not by a private company

государственные средства/государственная служба/государственные расходы и т. д.

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