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abduct en inglés británico

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abductverb [ T ]

uk /æbˈdʌkt/ us /æbˈdʌkt/

abduct verb [ T ] (TAKE A PERSON)

to force someone to go somewhere with you, often using threats or violence:

The company director was abducted from his car by terrorists.

abduct verb [ T ] (MOVE BODY PART)

specialized medical to move a part of the body away from the central part of the body or away from another body part:

Listen for a clicking sound as the child's hips are abducted.

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abduct en inglés americano

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abductverb [ T ]

us /æbˈdʌkt, əb-/

to take a person away by force:

Kidnappers abducted the child from the playground.
noun [ C/U ] us /æbˈdʌk·ʃən, əb-/

[ C ] The abduction took place in front of several helpless witnesses.

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