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abnormal en inglés británico

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uk /æbˈnɔː.məl/ us /æbˈnɔːr.məl/

C1 different from what is usual or average, especially in a way that is bad:

Tests revealed some abnormal skin cells.

Más ejemplos

  • They said that the delay to our flight was due to abnormal bad weather conditions.
  • It isn't abnormal to have spots at your age.
  • Abnormal levels of radiation have been recorded in the area.
  • It's abnormal to have temperatures in the 30s here at this time of year.
  • Because he has to work abnormal hours, Jack doesn't often eat with the rest of the family.
adverb uk /æbˈnɔː.məl.i/ us /æbˈnɔːr.məl.i/

The success rate was abnormally high.

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abnormal en inglés americano

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us /æbˈnɔr·məl, əb-/

not usual or average:

We had an abnormal amount of snow.
He has an abnormal heartbeat.
noun [ C/U ] us /ˌæb·nɔrˈmæl·ɪ·t̬i, -nər-/

[ C ] No abnormalities showed up in the blood tests.
adverb us /æbˈnɔr·mə·li, əb-/

It was abnormally hot this summer.

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