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aboardadverb, preposition

uk /əˈbɔːd/ us /əˈbɔːrd/

C1 on or onto a ship, aircraft, bus, or train:

The flight attendant welcomed us aboard.
Welcome aboard flight BA345 to Tokyo.
The train's about to leave. All aboard!
We spent two months aboard ship (= on the ship).

Más ejemplos

  • He was a radio technician aboard the USS Missouri.
  • Many experiments are carried out in the weightless conditions which are experienced aboard space stations.
  • I jumped aboard the motor boat and we set off for the island.
  • Nobody is allowed aboard the plane without a security check.
  • The bus drove off just as she was climbing aboard.

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aboard en inglés americano

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aboardpreposition, adverb [ not gradable ]

us /əˈbɔrd, -ˈboʊrd/

on or onto a ship, aircraft, bus, or train:

We finally went aboard the plane three hours later.

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