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absurd en inglés

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uk /əbˈsɜːd/ us /əbˈsɝːd/

B2 stupid and unreasonable, or silly in a humorous way:

What an absurd thing to say!
Don't be so absurd! Of course I want you to come.
It's an absurd situation - neither of them will talk to the other.
Do I look absurd in this hat?
the absurd

things that happen that are stupid or unreasonable:

The whole situation borders on the absurd.
She has a keen sense of the absurd.

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adverb uk /əbˈsɜː us /əbˈsɝː

You're behaving absurdly.
It was absurdly expensive.
noun [ U or C ] uk /əbˈzɜː.dɪ.ti/ /əbˈsɜː.dɪ.ti/ us /əbˈsɝː.də.t̬i/ /əbˈzɝː.də.t̬i/

Standing there naked, I was suddenly struck by the absurdity of the situation.
There are all sorts of absurdities in the proposal.

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absurd en inglés americano

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us /əbˈsɜrd, æb-, -ˈzɜrd/

ridiculous or completely unreasonable:

[ + to infinitive ] It is absurd for the council to cut taxes without proposing another way to raise money.
noun [ C/U ] us /əbˈsɜr·dɪ·t̬i, æb-, -ˈzɜrd-/

It's a serious situation but with some absurdity, and managing the balance between serious and funny is a delicate matter.

(Definición de absurd del Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)