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uk /əˌkɒm.əˈdeɪ.ʃən/ us /əˌkɑː.məˈdeɪ.ʃən/

accommodation noun (PLACE TO LIVE)

B1 [ U ] mainly UK a place to live, work, stay, etc. in:

There's a shortage of cheap accommodation (= places to live).
We have first and second class accommodation (= seats) on this flight.
accommodations [ plural ] US

a place to live or stay, especially on holiday or for students at college:

They paid for his flights and hotel accommodations.
The cost of student accommodations is rising steadily.

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accommodation noun (ARRANGEMENT)

[ C or U ] formal an agreement between two groups who have different opinions on a subject, or the process of reaching an agreement like this:

She may be able to reach an accommodation with other EU members on the question of immigration.
accommodations [ plural ] US

special arrangements that are made for a person or group that has different needs to others:

We must address the issue of accommodations for gifted students.

accommodation noun (OF EYE)

specialized anatomy the process by which an eye is able to focus (= see clearly) by changing the shape of the lens

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uk /əˌkɒməˈdeɪʃən/

[ U ] UK US accommodations [ plural ] PROPERTY a place in which to live, work, stay, etc.:

The cost, including flights, accommodation, and meals, was €100,000.
temporary accommodation
luxury accommodations.

[ C or U ] a satisfactory arrangement between people who disagree about something:

come to/find/reach an accommodation I thought we could come to an accommodation about what is a reasonable use of the site, but all we heard was "No, I don't negotiate".

[ S ] mainly US FINANCE a loan that is made temporarily to someone who needs money quickly, in order to give them time to make a formal arrangement for a loan

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Reinforced rules on the accommodation of ships in distress in a place of refuge will make sure we can prevent shipping accidents from turning into environmental disasters.
I asked whether there were any standard dimensions for offices, conference rooms, interpreting booths and other accommodation with a view to future building work.
I believe that there will also be better help and assistance to victims through provision of the required accommodation, legal advice, and material, psychological and medical assistance.
I doubt whether all the people who voted for paragraph 35 could have read it, because it restricts the right of residence, accommodation and education.
I am in favour of rules to guarantee that passengers do not remain stranded at their destination, with no alternative means of travelling home or alternative accommodation.
Frequently a decision to go to a company, hotel or tourist accommodation is made on the road, and people call and book.
The amendments put forward relate mainly to the provision for a 50 % flat-rate deduction in the case of expenditure on accommodation, food and drink.
With business travel in particular, it is certainly the case that action is required on the flat-rate deduction of 50 % in respect of accommodation costs.
However, the obligation to provide accommodation does not apply if the cancellation or delay is caused by severe weather conditions or major natural disasters.
The substitute accommodation that the government has provided has proven to be totally inadequate and has led to a worsening of living conditions, which were already wretched.