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uk /əˈkaʊnt/ us /əˈkaʊnt/

account noun (BANK)

B1 [ C ] also bank account an arrangement with a bank to keep your money there and to allow you to take it out when you need to:

I've opened an account with a building society.
I paid the money into my account this morning.
UK She paid the cheque into her account.
US She deposited the check in her account.
I need to draw some money out of my account.

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account noun (REPORT)

B2 [ C ] a written or spoken description of an event:

She gave a thrilling account of her life in the jungle.
He kept a detailed account of the suspect's movements.
Several eyewitnesses' accounts differed considerably from the official version of events.
by/from all accounts

C1 as said by most people:

By all accounts, San Francisco is a city that's easy to fall in love with.
by your own account

If something is true by your own account, what you say is true although you have not proved it:

By his own account, he's quite wealthy.

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account noun (REASON)

on account of sth formal

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B2 because of something:

He doesn't drink alcohol on account of his poor health.

account noun (BUSINESS)

[ C ] an agreement with a shop or business that allows you to buy things and pay for them later:

Could you put it on/charge it to my account (= can I pay for it later), please?
Do you have an account at this store/with us, madam?
Could you please pay/settle your account in full (= give us all the money you owe us)?

[ C ] a customer who does business with a company:

If the advertising agency loses this account, it will make a big dent in their profits.

accountverb [ T + obj + noun/adj ]

uk /əˈkaʊnt/ us /əˈkaʊnt/ formal

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accountnoun [ C ]

us /əˈkɑʊnt/

account noun [ C ] (FINANCIAL SERVICE)

money kept in a bank or other organization that you can add to or take back

An account is also an arrangement with a store or a company that allows you to buy things and pay for them later:

account noun [ C ] (REPORT)

a written or spoken description of an event

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accountnoun [ C ]

uk /əˈkaʊnt/ us

also bank account, written abbreviation a/c, also acct. BANKING an arrangement with a bank in which the customer puts in and takes out money and the bank keeps a record of it:

close/open an account When she starts school we're opening an account in her name and we'll put money into it each year.
deposit/pay money into an account Anna could deposit her savings into an account offering more interest.
an account with sth She applied for the card soon after opening an account with the bank.
joint/separate account It's better to have separate accounts and feed money into a joint account for shared bills.
business/personal account Each month I transfer money from my business account to my personal account.
a deposit/savings account

also UK credit account, also US charge account FINANCE an agreement with a store or company that allows you to buy things and pay for them later:

open an account with sth If you open an account with the store you save 10%.
charge sth to an account Jenny got the bill and said she'd charge it to the company account.

ACCOUNTING a record of money received, spent, or owed:

An account of travel expenses incurred by an employee must be submitted for reimbursement together with receipts.

MARKETING a customer who does business regularly with a company:

lose/win an account The company has won a batch of high-profile advertising accounts

IT an agreement with a company that allows you to use the internet and email, and gives you space on the internet to put your documents:

Some people have a specific service in mind, whether it's an account with free Web space or the ability to develop an electronic commerce site online.
on account

to be paid for at a later time:

$25,000 in inventory was purchased on account from suppliers in July.

paid as part of the total amount owed:

Part is paid on account, and the rest is paid at the end of the period.

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