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achievement en inglés británico

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achievementnoun [ C or U ]

uk /əˈtʃiːv.mənt/ us /əˈtʃiːv.mənt/

B1 something very good and difficult that you have succeeded in doing:

An Olympic silver medal is a remarkable achievement for one so young.
The Tale of Genji has been described as the greatest achievement of Japanese literature.
It gives you a sense of achievement if you actually make it to the end of a very long book.

Más ejemplos

  • He was very proud when his daughter received a commendation for her achievement.
  • In the 1860s, Tolstoy was at the zenith of his achievement.
  • If the new leader does manage to unify his warring party it will be quite an achievement.
  • This is a truly remarkable achievement.
  • Getting the job finished on time was no mean achievement.

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achievement en inglés americano

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achievementnoun [ C ]

us /əˈtʃiv·mənt/

something that you did or got after planning and working to make it happen, and that therefore gives you a feeling of satisfaction, or the act of working to make this happen:

[ C ] a scientific achievement
[ C ] For an actor, winning an Oscar is one of the greatest achievements you can hope for.

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achievement en inglés de negocios

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uk /əˈtʃiːvmənt/ us

[ C ] something that a person, company, etc. has done or finished successfully:

Look at your achievements and your value in monetary terms.

[ U ] the act of achieving something or of achieving things generally:

The company's name is synonymous with outstanding achievement.

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