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uk /əˈdɪk.tɪv/ us /əˈdɪk.tɪv/

C1 An addictive drug is one that you cannot stop taking once you have started:

Tobacco is highly addictive.

C1 An addictive activity or food is one that you cannot stop doing or eating once you have started:

The problem with video games is that they're addictive.
These nuts are addictive - I can't stop eating them.
addictive personality

a set of characteristics that mean that you very quickly become addicted to drugs, food, alcohol, etc.:

He's got an addictive personality.

Más ejemplos

  • Heroin is obtained from morphine and is extremely addictive.
  • Why is it that I find chocolate so addictive?
  • Betting can be as addictive as drinking or smoking.
  • These tablets are not thought to be addictive.
  • Why do some individuals suffer from addictive problems more than others?
noun [ U ] uk /əˈdɪk.tɪv.nəs/ us /əˈdɪk.tɪv.nəs/

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