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uk /ədˌmɪn.ɪˈstreɪ.ʃən/ us /ədˌmɪn.əˈstreɪ.ʃən/

administration noun (MANAGING)

C1 informal admin, uk /ˈæd.mɪn/ us [ U ] the arrangements and tasks needed to control the operation of a plan or organization:

Teachers complain that more of their time is taken up with administration than with teaching.
She has little experience in admin (= in organizing a business, etc.).

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administration en inglés americano

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administrationnoun [ C/U ]

us /ədˌmɪn·əˈstreɪ·ʃən, æd-/

the management or control of an organization:

[ U ] He’s studying business administration.

politics & government An administration in the US is the period when a President is in office:

[ C ] The Clinton administration has been full of surprises.

politics & government An administration is also all of the officials working in a government's executivebranch .

adjective [ not gradable ] us /ədˈmɪn·əˌstreɪ·t̬ɪv, æd-/

You will do mainly administrative work.
adverb [ not gradable ] /ədˈmɪn·əˌstreɪ·t̬ɪv·li, ədˌmɪn·əˈstreɪ-, æd-/

Matthews said charges against him should be handled administratively.
noun [ C ] us /ədˈmɪn·əˌstreɪ·t̬ər, æd-/

She works as a school administrator.

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administration en inglés de negocios

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uk /ədˌmɪnɪˈstreɪʃən/ us

[ U ] the activity of managing or dealing with a business activity:

Administration of the scheme is costly in terms of time.
She studied business administration at New York University.

[ U ] WORKPLACE →  admin

[ C ] the people who manage and control a large organization:

Some foreign postal administrations, including Britain's and France's, have embraced the concept.
Will medical school administrations and faculty be happy to adopt a large increase in class size?

[ C ] also Administration GOVERNMENT the government of the United States or of some other countries:

It seems like there's an effort to centralize authority in Washington more than there has been in prior administrations.
the Obama/Bush/Nixon Administration

[ U ] UK LAW a situation in which an independent administrator takes control of a company that cannot pay its debts in order to try to improve the company's financial situation and keep it operating:

The company has gone into administration, which was required if any money was to be returned to creditors.
His business empire continues to trade and is not in administration.

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