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uk /əˈhed/ us /əˈhed/

ahead adverb (IN FRONT)

B1 in front:

The road ahead is very busy.
Turn left at the traffic lights, and you'll see the hospital straight ahead.
Rick walked on ahead of us.
You go on ahead of (= before) me, and I'll meet you there.

B2 having more points, votes, etc. than someone else in a competition, election, etc.:

Apparently, the latest opinion polls put the Democrats 15 percent ahead of the Republicans.
Barcelona was ahead after ten minutes.

C2 making more progress than someone else:

Sophie is way (= far) ahead of the other children in her class.

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ahead adverb (IN THE FUTURE)

B1 in or into the future:

She has a difficult time ahead of her.
He couldn't bear to think of the lonely year ahead.

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ahead en inglés americano

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us /əˈhed/

ahead adverb (IN FRONT)

[ not gradable ] directly in front:

She only had a few things in her shopping cart, so I told her she could go ahead of me in the checkout line.

[ not gradable ] Ahead also means further along in development or achievement:

Sophie is way ahead of the rest of her class.

ahead adverb (IN THE FUTURE)

in or into the future:

We have a lot of hard work ahead of us.
You have to plan ahead when you’re thinking of going to graduate school.

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ahead en inglés de negocios

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uk /əˈhed/ us

at a better, higher, or greater level than before:

be ahead by sth First-half figures showed that pre-tax profits were ahead by 8% to £94.8m.
Full-year profits jumped 25% to £106m pre-tax, which was ahead of expectations.

more developed, advanced, or able to succeed:

keep/get/stay ahead To get ahead in the industry you need the right tools and the right connections.
ahead of sb/sth After showing signs of slowing sales growth, the group cut its prices to stay ahead of its rivals.
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