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airwaves en inglés americano

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airwavesplural noun

us /ˈeərˌweɪvz/

the radio waves used for broadcasting radio and television programs, or more generally, radio or television broadcasting:

The president took to the airwaves to explain the reasons for going to war.

(Definición de airwaves del Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

airwaves en inglés de negocios

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airwavesnoun [ plural ]

uk /ˈeəweɪvz/ us

COMMUNICATIONS radio waves that are used for broadcasting radio and television programmes, and sending mobile phone, etc. signals, also used to refer to radio or televison broadcasting time:

In order to improve access to broadband, the government cleared the way for an auction of airwaves best suited to wireless data.
The campaign flooded the airwaves with a series of TV ads.

(Definición de airwaves del Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)