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uk /əˈlaɪv/ us /əˈlaɪv/

B1 [ after verb ] living, not dead:

He must be 90 if he's still alive.
Doctors kept him alive on a life-support machine.
She's alive and well and living in New Zealand.

C2 If something is alive, it continues to exist:

Relatives of the missing sailors are struggling to keep their hopes alive.

Más ejemplos

  • She wept for joy when she was told that her husband was still alive.
  • He was the last person to see the woman alive, and suspicion immediately fell on him.
  • He could be kept alive artificially, but I think it would be kinder to let nature take its course.
  • If an avalanche strikes, skiers can be buried alive by snow.
  • She eats only the bare minimum to stay alive.

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alive en inglés americano

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aliveadjective [ not gradable ]

us /əˈlɑɪv/

living; having life; not dead:

I survived the accident with minor injuries, and I was happy to be alive.

Alive can also mean active and energetic or exciting:

The club really comes alive on weekends.


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