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Significado de “all right” - Diccionario Inglés

Significado de "all right" - Diccionario Inglés

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all rightadjective [after verb], adverb

(also not standard alright) uk   us  
  • all right adjective [after verb], adverb (GOOD/SATISFACTORY)

A1 (in a way that is) ​satisfactory or ​reasonably good: I wouldn't say she's ​rich, but she's doing all right (= being ​reasonablysuccessful). Is everything all right, ​madam?B1 only just good enough: "What did you ​think of the ​film?" "It was all right. Nothing ​special." The ​food was all right, I ​suppose, but I've had ​better. not ​unpleasant or ​bad: This wine's all right, isn't it? Her mum's really ​strict, but her dad's all right. very good: You can ​work at ​home? That's all right, isn't it?it's all right for sb used to show that you ​think someone is ​lucky or has an ​easylife when the same is not ​true for you: It's all right for you - ​yourmumtakescare of the ​childrenwhenever you ​want. He has a ​live-inhousekeeper? It's all right for some, isn't it?

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A1 used to show that something is ​agreed, ​understood, or ​acceptable: All right, I'll ​lend you the ​money. All right, that's enough ​noise! Tell me if you ​start to ​feelsick, all right? "Are you ​sure you won't come with us?" "All right then. If you ​insist." All right, so I made a ​mistake (= I ​accept that I was ​wrong). I'd ​rather not go to Tricia's ​party if that's all right with you. Would it be all right if I came? [+ to infinitive] Chris ​wants to ​know if it'll be all right to come over to ​see us this ​evening. She ​seems to ​think that it's perfectly all right tobreak the ​'s all right A2 (also that's all right) an ​answer to someone who has just ​thanked you for something or just said ​sorry for something they have done: "Thank you for the ​flowers." "It's all right (= there's no need to ​thank me). I ​thought they might ​cheer you up." "I'm ​sorry I ​broke the ​vase." "Oh, that's all right (= it's not ​important). It wasn't very ​expensive."

all rightexclamation

(also alright) uk   us  
(Definition of all right from the Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press)

Significado de "all right" - Diccionario Inglés Americano

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all rightadjective, adverb [not gradable]

(not standard alright)  us   /ˌɔl ˈrɑɪt/
(in a way that is) ​satisfactory or ​acceptable: The ​movie was all right – not ​great, though. Are you ​managing all right in ​your new ​job?
safe, well, or not harmed: She was really ​sick for a while but she’s all right now.

all rightadverb [not gradable]

(not standard alright)  us   /ˌɔl ˈrɑɪt/ infml
certainly or without any ​doubt: "Are you ​sure he was the ​guy you ​saw?” “Oh, he was the ​guy all right."

all rightexclamation

(not standard alright)  us   /ˌɔl ˈrɑɪt/ infml
  • all right exclamation (VERY GOOD)

used to ​expresspraise or ​happiness over what has been said or done: "Did you ​hear I ​won that writing ​contest?" "All right!"
  • all right exclamation (AGREED)

used to show that something is ​agreed, ​understood, or ​acceptable: I’d ​rather not go to Jane’s ​party if that’s all right with you.
(Definition of all right from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)
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