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allegory en inglés británico

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allegorynoun [ C or U ]

uk /ˈæl.ə.ɡə.ri/ us /ˈæl.ə.ɡɔːr.i/
adjective uk /ˌæl.əˈɡɒr.ɪ.kəl/ us /ˌæl.əˈɡɔːr.ə.kəl/
adverb uk /ˌæl.əˈɡɒr.ɪ.kəl.i/ us /ˌæl.əˈɡɔːr.ə.kəl.i/

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allegory en inglés americano

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allegorynoun [ C/U ]

us /ˈæl·ɪˌɡɔr·i, -ˌɡoʊr·i/

literature a story, play, poem, picture, or other work in which the characters and events represent particular moral, religious, or political qualities or ideas

adjective us /ˌæl·ɪˈɡɔr·ɪ·kəl, -ˈɡɑr-/

Apples represent people in this allegorical contest between wilderness and civilization.

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