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alongsidepreposition, adverb

uk /əˌlɒŋˈsaɪd/ us /əˈlɑːŋ.saɪd/

C1 next to, or together with:

A car pulled up alongside (ours).
The new pill will be used alongside existing medicines.
Most of the staff refused to work alongside the new team.
The UK fought alongside France, Turkey, and Sardinia during the Crimean War.

Más ejemplos

  • As we drew alongside the black car, I suddenly recognized my ex-boyfriend at the wheel.
  • The drover walked alongside the oxen, gently tapping them with his stick.
  • New pedestrian pathways are being built alongside the road.
  • They found themselves working alongside like-minded young people with similar values.
  • Just as I was leaving the restaurant, a car pulled up alongside me.

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alongside en inglés americano

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alongsidepreposition, adverb [ not gradable ]

us /əˈlɔŋˌsɑɪd/

beside, or together with:

They put out cookies alongside the cake.

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