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alveolusnoun [ C ]

uk /ˌæl.viˈəʊ.ləs/ us /ælˈviː.ə.ləs/ plural alveoli uk /-laɪ/ us specialized

Examples from literature

  • The carbon dioxide, on the other hand, being in excess in the blood, diffuses toward the air in the alveoli. 
  • The epithelial cells are not arranged on any definite plan, but are closely packed in irregularly shaped alveoli. 
  • The small pits are alveoli, and the vessels in their walls are chiefly capillaries. 
  • Their exchanges must in all cases take place through the capillary walls and the layer of cells lining the alveoli. 
  • Trace the blood from the right ventricle to the alveoli and back again to the left auricle. 

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