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annoyverb [ T ]

uk /əˈnɔɪ/ us /əˈnɔɪ/

B1 to make someone angry:

Tina really annoyed me in the meeting this morning.
I'm sorry - is my cough annoying you?
[ + that ] It annoys me that she just expects us to help.
It really annoys me when people expect me to tip as well as pay a service charge in a restaurant.

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annoy en inglés americano

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annoyverb [ T ]

us /əˈnɔɪ/

to make someone slightly angry or upset:

I know you’re doing this only to annoy me.
noun [ C/U ] us /əˈnɔɪ·əns/

[ U ] As soon as he saw me, a look of annoyance crossed his face.
adjective us /əˈnɔɪd/

He gave me an annoyed look and left without speaking.
adjective us /əˈnɔɪ·ɪŋ/

It’s annoying to have to explain this a second time.
adverb us /əˈnɔɪ·ɪŋ·li/

Ads annoyingly interrupted the TV movie.

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