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uk /əˈnɔɪ.əns/ us /əˈnɔɪ.əns/

C1 [ U ] the feeling or state of being annoyed:

I can understand your annoyance - I'd be furious if she ever treated me like that.
(Much) to our annoyance, (= we were very annoyed that) we couldn't see anything from the back row of the theatre.

[ C ] something that makes you annoyed:

One of the greatest annoyances was being bitten by mosquitoes every night.

Más ejemplos

  • She couldn't suppress her annoyance when the food was returned to the kitchen uneaten.
  • There's clearly some annoyance among the workforce at the way the changes were introduced.
  • My aunt snorted in annoyance and marched off to find the manager.
  • Then, to our great annoyance, the train stopped outside the station for ten minutes.
  • A group of youths have been causing annoyance in the neighbourhood.

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